Got, Not Got

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Farbe: Multicolour

Artikel-Nr. 1991

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Football used to be better in the past... and here's the proof. Got, Not Got focuses on British football's apparent lost Utopia of the '60s, '70s and '80s, the fondly remembered 'Golden Age' of mudbaths and cloggers, of miniature, carpet-level games and imaginary, comic-fuelled worlds. It evokes the feel and smell of football past, its rituals and relics. But there's more to the agreeably grumpy authors' vision than a hilarious, heartstring-tugging celebration of everything we miss in modern football. There are hundreds of beautiful images of a lost football culture, pin-sharp observations and memories shared by generations of fans in all, an ideal blueprint to help restore the game to its former glories!

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  • 30 x 21 cm

  • Derek Hammond & Gary Silke
  • ISBN 978-1-9080-5114-1
  • Englischer Text
  • 224 Seiten
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