On 25th August 2012, two football matches took place on a specially created football pitch hidden deep within a Scottish forest.

Watched by 500 spectators, the players wore COPA kits designed by Scottish school children. Spruce trees, felled to make space for the pitch, were used to create the goalposts, benches and a changing room. Forest Pitch by Craig Coulthard is a celebration of art and sport that revives the original spirit of the modern Olympics. In autumn, the pitch will be planted with native trees along the white lines of the pitch, creating an evolving, living sculpture which holds memories of this remarkable event. The site will be freely accessible to the public for up to 60 years. 

You can also see a BBC film about Forest Pitch featuring the COPA matchballs and kits.

Photo credits: Angie Catlin / Erika Stevenson / Jamie Simpson