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Being one of the most interesting football teams in the world, we are proud to be the official sponsor of the ‘national’ team of Tibet. Ten years ago, on a mountain bike trip in Tibet, Michael Nybrandt from Denmark woke up from a dream at 3,500 m above sea level in which he saw himself as the coach of the non-existing Tibetan national football team. He didn’t leave it as a dream but formed the Tibetan National Sports Association with the support of the Dalai Lama. As a result he could arrange a historic match between Tibet and Greenland.

Nowadays Nybrandt is working as the International Coordinator for the TNSA and his dream served as the basis for the collaboration between the TNSA and COPA. The TNSA participates in several international football matches, a league tournament and educational programs for coaches and players in the Tibetan community. The collaboration is a result of the passion for football in general and the charm of the smaller football countries in particular. The primary task of the Tibetan National Sports Association is to develop sports in general, and particularly football, among the Tibetan community. With this sponsorship deal we support their ambition.