Take cult ex-footballer Abe van den Ban, a team of football journalists, a team of football bloggers and an abandoned stadium. These ingredients formed the basis of a cult football match that took place on November 23 2012 at the old HFC Haarlem stadium in The Netherlands.

The teams wore our HFC Haarlem and FC Amsterdam inspired kits, as a tribute to the former player of both clubs.
While the game was led by former referee Jan Keizer, coaches Abe van den Ban and Johnny Rep saw their team of bloggers beat the journalists, who were under the supervision of Willem van Hanegem and Hans Kraaij jr. Being 2-0 down at half-time, Abe's speech of four words might have been the key reason for the 2-3 win: 'Play worse, score more!'.

Photo credits: Marco Magielse / Serge Meijer